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Diamonds - Liron Partouche Bridal


New collection by Liron Partouche 



Liron Partouche - Bridal

"My dream is to make your dream come true" Liron Partouche 

"Liron Partouche" is a bridal gown studio established in 2014 by Liron Partouche.

Liron, a Wizo Academy of Design graduate, is one of the most promising young designers in Israel.
Partouche Studio located in central Israel, does everything from designing, cutting, beading, fitting and sewing.

Having wide experience and a warm personal approach, the studio will ensure your wedding dress has the perfect fit for you and the design of your absolute dream dress.  

We invite you to explore Liron's world of wonders where fantasies come together… let's make dreams come true!

Diamonds - Liron Partouche Bridal

New collection 2023


Diamonds - Liron Partouche Bridal

Our Brides

הכלות שלנו

"Liron is perfect, you can not help but falling in love with this woman. From the moment we walked in the studio I felt the chemistry immediately ... I felt I was designing my dress with my best friend! Liron was so patient and attentive, caring and warm, I felt at home. Her fabrics are high quality, durable, rich and just look wonderful.."

Liron Partouche - Bridal

"I came to Liron after seeing her on Master Chef, I loved the style of the dresses she designs. She was first and last studio I visited in the search for the perfect wedding dress. From the first moment I walked into her charming studio, Liron approached me with a big smile and reassured me with a calm, loving and caring attitude. I realized I would not be able to find a dress like the one she created for me …"

Liron Partouche - Bridal

LIRON PARTOUCHE - Couple’s  choice award

third consecutive year by

LIRON PARTOUCHE- Couple’s  choice award 2020 by Mitformit
LIRON PARTOUCHE- Couple’s  choice award 2021 by Mitformit
LIRON PARTOUCHE- Couple’s  choice award 2022 by Mitformit
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