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New collection by Liron Partouche 

"My dream is to make your dream come true" Liron Partouche 

"Liron Partouche" is a bridal gown studio established in 2014 by Liron partouche, one of the most promising young designers in Israel. 

Liron is fashion design and education graduate, having a B.Ed.Des degree by Wizo Academy in Haifa, Israel.
Partouche studio is located in the center of Israel. Everything from the designing, cutting, sewing and more is done in-house.

With a lot of experience and with a warm and personal approach, we will make sure to create your wedding dress fit best for you, or to design especially for you the dress of your dreams.

We invite you to explore Liron's world of wonders where all fantasies come true… let's make dreams come true!



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Grace collection 2020


I'm excited to introduce our GRACE Collection, which is like a fairy tale for me. Classic, soft flowy silhouettes, European laces and unforgettable details. All waiting for you at our studio, where dreams come true. The inspiration for GRACE collection came this time from my daughters Dor & Shahar. When a bride first comes to me, she suddenly becomes a girl with dreams. So I decided to go backwards, to my own childhood, my dreams and my roots. At the end, what we all wish for in this emotional day is to make our dream come true… . 

bridal 2019

"Liron is perfect, you can not help falling in love with this woman, and from the moment we entered her I understood that this would happen ... I felt that I was designing my dress with my best friend! And the soul Liron was so patient and attentive, caring and warm, and believe me that we got her !!! Her fabrics are high quality, durable, rich and just look great.."


"I came to Liron after seeing her in Master Chef and I loved the style of the dresses she creates. She the first and last one I came to in search of a perfect wedding dress for me. From the first moment I went into the charming studio, Liron met me with a smile and gave me a feeling of calm, love and caring. The dress, although it exceeded my budget, I realized that it would be hard for me to find something similar to the dress ... "


"The magic begins with the first phone call, but the real crush calls for you to come to the studio, and I could not ask for a more creative, patient, inclusive and talented designer from Liron. Personally I had a concern at the beginning of the wedding arrangements from the dress selection process. Liron, without getting confused, suited me a perfect dress ... "

"I met Liron at a myday fair where I started the search process and was exposed for the first time to bridal gowns.I immediately felt the accuracy of the dress, and everyone who was around me admired the dress, and although I love to check thousands of times and debate for days on end, This is the best decision I could take ... "

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Rehovot, Israel

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