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I've been waiting for this moment for so long! Welcome to the Mermaid Collection, the most exciting collection I have ever created!

The inspiration came from deep down.. in the water.

A few months ago, during a family trip with my husband and two girls, we came across this magical spring water. The water was so clear and beautiful, It was such a unique experience!

Shachar, my youngest asked sweetly if there's a mermaid in this magical spring water.

I dove into her fantasy for a short moment.. The water was so magnificent it just made sense a perfect long haired, sparkly fined mermaid will rise up from the deep water.

So we giggled and fantasized about how this mermaid will look. My imagination started to go to heights and out of this experience there came the inspiration for my new collection. The Mermaid Collection, filled with exciting details, delicate laces, flowing airy fabrics.. Just like diving into a fantasy deep in the water.

So.. welcome to the new collection that is also deep in my heart

Let's make Your perfect dream come true

IMG_3289 copy
IMG_4807 copy
IMG_3286 copy
IMG_3272 copy
IMG_4750 copy
IMG_3255 copy
IMG_3233 copy
IMG_4613 copy
IMG_4700 copy
IMG_4542 copy
IMG_4701 copy
IMG_4576 copy
IMG_4686 copy
IMG_4564 copy
IMG_4511 copy
IMG_4477 copy
IMG_4426 copy
IMG_4411 copy
IMG_4327 copy
IMG_4373 copy
IMG_4358 copy
IMG_4325 copy
IMG_4166 copy
IMG_4072 copy
IMG_3995 copy
IMG_4149 copy
IMG_4019 copy
IMG_3978 copy
IMG_3875 copy
IMG_3828 copy
IMG_3938 copy
IMG_3820 copy
IMG_3778 copy
IMG_3810 copy
IMG_3779 copy
IMG_3707 copy
IMG_3730 copy
IMG_3768 copy
IMG_3637 copy
IMG_3651 copy
IMG_3633 copy
IMG_3565 copy
IMG_3550 copy
IMG_3531 copy
IMG_3378 copy
IMG_3502 copy
IMG_3430 copy
IMG_3419 copy
IMG_3306 copy
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