A Story About Little Women.

Inspiration is a magical thing. It hits us in the most unpredictable moments, when we expect it the least, but is so precise.

So this is how it went: my little girls were having a typical conversation, and then for a small moment I heard my youngest (Shahar) telling Dor (the eldest) to put on socks so she doesn’t get a cold. And me? I was sitting aside, just listening to them, and all that was going in my mind was: oh my God, I’m raising two little women. I see my own masterpiece growing, evolving here in front of me.

I turned on my phone, put in the search the words “little women” and Boom. It happened right then and there, I had an inspiration for my next collection.

The story of little women

The year is 1869, four sisters who live in a huge wooden home. All they have is one another, the love and care for each other. It’s perfect and precise.

The production of the new collection “Little Women” is starting, having four women, small and big.

Filled with deep energy of love and creation, I developed cuts and styles which where inspired by this magical period, amazingly flattering cuts! I carefully picked European fabrics filled with handmade pieces and breathtaking settings. I created a hugggeeee collection of 15 dresses!! This inspiration completely filled me and I just couldn’t stop creating.. It was one of the most  amazing, shaking and super fulfilling experience for me.

Before every launch of a new collection I get very excited, filled with fantasies about what the final result will look like. This time, I brough myself into this collection with every sense of the word and the result moves me deeply.

So are you ready to fulfil a dream, little beautiful women of mine?

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