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לירון פרטוש

“Liron Partouche” is a bridal gown studio established in 2014 by Liron partouche, one of the most promising young designers in Israel. 

The meaning of the name “Partouche” in French is the combination of the word “Par” and the word “touche”, together creating the meaning “By a  touch”. We ensure that every item has the designer’s signature  touch and precision up to the final detail. 

Liron is fashion design and education graduate, having a B.Ed.Des degree by Wizo Academy in Haifa, Israel.

Partouche studio is located in the center of Israel. Everything from the designing, cutting, sewing, beading, marketing, communications and more is done in-house.

With a lot of experience and with a warm and personal approach, we will make sure to create your wedding dress fit best for you, or to design especially for you the dress of your dreams.

We invite you to explore Liron’s world of wonders where all fantasies come true… let’s make dreams come true!

לירון פרטוש

"My dream is to make your dream come true"

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